Our History

Established more than 50 years ago, Jardin Caribe Flowershop is the oldest flower shop in Aruba!

Jardin Caribe was established by Mrs. Ermita F. Croes – do Nascimento on November 18, 1959. Ermita always loved flowers, but back in the days, flowers were very hard to find on the island of Aruba. After doing a course at the American institution of floral art, she got inspired and open the first flower shop in Aruba.

The Beginning

In the years of 1959, flower arrangements were very difficult to prepare hence the short variety of working materials. Florists used different kinds of household materials in order to make floral preparations. For example, a so-called “waja di cas di galinja” (a type of thin wire used to make chicken coops) was used to hold flowers in the vase. Even the vases were hand-made at the flower shop! They were made with a type of clay, which had to be painted, and left to dry in the sun.

Back in the days, our phone numbers used to have only 4 digits! These digits still remain with us until this day having our main business phone number ending with “2660”

The Team

The team slowly grew, having more employees to meet the growing demand. With more modern techniques, Jardin Caribe adapted its way of making flowers in a more efficient manner. The flower shop expanded in other areas including delivery services, weddings, and special projects.

A New Generation

Vicky, the only daughter of Mrs. Ermita, was helping her mother in the shop with both floral arrangements, and secretarial work. She worked part-time, as she was still going to school in Aruba. After high school, Vicky went abroad to pursue her academic career. In 1982, she graduated as an interior designer, at the International Fine Arts College in Miami Florida. After some years, she wanted to follow the steps of her mother and came back to Aruba to work at the flower shop.

International partners

Jardin Caribe started to seek opportunities to improve and grow the business. Jardin Caribe connected with international flower-delivery organizations and floral associations worldwide. Before the internet, people in Aruba could easily order flowers to be delivered abroad and visa-versa. These international organizations also supplied Jardin Caribe with working materials including information about the newest floral design techniques and floral trends.

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