Identify the Name of Your Flowers with Your Phone Camera

Identify the Name of Your Flowers with Your Phone Camera

You just bought some beautiful flowers or received a flower arrangement delivered to you, but you are wondering, “what are the names of these flowers”? Well, with today’s technology you can easily find out! Google lens enables you to point your phone camera at something, such as a specific flower, and then it tells you what the name of the flower you’re pointing at is.




Most iPhones and Android phones are compatible with google lens, you just have to download the google search application on App Store or Google Play.

The process to identify the name of any flower is very easy and should take just a few seconds. Just follow these 3 simple steps…


1. Open the Google app and click the camera button.

2. Point the camera at the flower until google recognizes the item. (by showing a blue dot)

3. Tap the shutter button and within seconds it tells you the name of the flower with additional information about the flower you just took.


Easy right? Now you can pass by our store and say the name of the flowers you want to buy 🌼🌺🌹🌸

Give google lens a try and have fun with it.

Download the Google app on AppStore or GooglePlay


To know more about google lens, check this video out.


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